Successful Weight Loss:

Successful weight loss happens when you develop healthy lifestyle behaviors and are able to follow them long-term. Weight loss should include healthy eating patterns and routine physical activity. The key is to lose weight safely and slowly (1-2 pounds a week) to maintain the weight loss. Appropriate nutritional intake is very important to ensure you are on the right track.

If you are simultaneously trying out a new diet, watch out for diets that reduce caloric intake to less than 1200 calories per day, and that do not suggest consulting a physician or registered dietitian, that do not require any physical activity, demand too much of you and require the use of expensive supplementation.



·    Enjoy breakfast every day and eat within one hour of waking up. It may help you control your hunger later in the day. If you eat breakfast, you get your metabolism going and it will help you stay more alert throughout the day. 

·        Walk whenever you can, get off the bus one stop early and use the stairs when you can.

·        Benefit from eating vegetables or fruit at all meals and snacks.

·        Spend less time being inactive such as watching TV or playing computer games.

·        Compare the Nutrition Facts table on food labels to choose products that are lower in fat, saturated and Trans fat, sugar, and sodium.

·        Request Nutrition information about menu items when eating out to help you make healthier choices. You can also check to see if the restaurant has a website as most often, the nutrition information might be posted on the website.

 ·       Enjoy eating with family and friends.

 ·       Take time to eat and savor every bite. Slow down and allow time to enjoy the meal and to notice when you are full. Remember that if you are still hungry, you can have vegetables as seconds.


Take A Bite For Your Health!


Nutrition by Tatiana

Tatiana Pyper, Registered Dietitian


[email protected]