☀️Vitamin D, unlike many of the other vitamins that you may be taking, is fat soluble; this means that if you take too much of it, you won't just pee it out like you would a water soluble vitamin.
☀️Our bodies synthesize vitamin D after sun exposure,  and then it's activated by the liver and kidneys.
☀️The activated form of Vitamin D acts like a hormone to regulate calcium metabolism.
☀️As people age, they lose some of their ability to synthesize vitamin D from the sunlight.
☀️Vitamin D needs to be activated in the kidneys before it can be used by the body, and this function also decreases with age.
☀️Individuals 50 and older can’t count on getting their vitamin D from the sun; however, sunshine boosts mental health.
☀️Most people get some of their vitamin D through sun exposure, but factors like the season, time of day, cloud cover, skin pigment, and sunscreen affect how much vitamin D one can synthesize from the sun.
☀️Additionally, people with darker skin aren’t able to produce as much vitamin D through sunlight.
☀️Some foods such as fish, dairy, and fortified cereal contain vitamin D.
☀️If you follow a vegan diet, you might have low vitamin D levels. Keep in mind that Vitamin D3 sometimes comes from animal sources. There are vegan options for Vitamin D supplements.