Nutrition by Tatiana provides a range of holistic, practical and affordable options to suit your budget and busy schedule.  In addition to the services listed, Nutrition by Tatiana provides additional services such as personalized diets and meal plans, grocery store tours, label reading and restaurant menu selections, nutrition seminars and workshops as well as contract menu reviews for day cares, long-term care homes, and corporate cafeterias.

Other Nutritional Services that we can provide:

Personalized Diets & Meal Plans – We can provide you with a personalized diet and meal pan to maintain a healthy and well balanced diet.

Grocery Store Tours – We can provide you with advice on foods you buy, learning how to navigate nutrition labels and read beyond marketing slogans.

Label Reading / Restaurant Menu Selections – Reading food nutrition labels or restaurant menus can be a challenge to understand. They are all different, and it can be hard to identify how food companies define a serving. We can provide you with all the tools to easily read nutrition labels or make healthy restaurant selections.

Nutrition Seminars & Workshops – For community group or corporate presentations, contact Nutrition by Tatiana for a range of topics including: Healthy eating, Heart-Healthy Eating, Cooking classes, Recipe modification, Transform your picky eaters, Transitioning to solids and much more.

Contract Menu Reviews for Daycares, Long-Term Care Facilities, Corporate Cafeterias – Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to help you with your menu needs.

If you are looking for something that is not on our list of services, please get in touch to find out how we can provide a solution that’s right for your specific needs.