Beans protect your heart in many ways.
Because beans are high in fiber, they can help reduce cholesterol levels, decrease blood sugar levels, and increase healthy gut bacteria.
Additionally, men who eat beans regularly, appear to have a reduced risk of prostate cancer, pre-cancerous colon polyps, and (in overweight individuals) pancreatic cancer.
Beans are a rich source of fiber and B vitamins, as well as many other nutrients.
Beans are a great replacement for meat as a source of vegetarian protein, and they can be used as meat substitute in many dishes. Leftover beans freeze well, so you can always have a supply available for salads, soups, or casseroles (or buy canned beans for convenience, but make sure you rinse the beans well after opening the can).
What’s in my salad?
-7 bean mix, cooked and cooled down 
-Tomatoes, diced
-Red onion, diced
-Fresh basil, chopped
-Dressing made with lemon zest, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and black pepper.