Adequate hydration and proper nutrition play an important role in your body’s recovery from Covid-19 virus.
Even if you don’t feel hungry or thirsty, it is important to continue to eat and drink fluids to support your body’s ability to fight the virus.
Fluid loss due to sweating, having diarrhea or vomiting has to be replaced to ensure that you’re properly hydrated.
Try to drink water or clear liquids every hour, or take small sips of liquids every few minutes.
Try to use a variety of liquids in order to avoid taste fatigue.
If you are vomiting or having diarrhea, make sure that you take an oral hydration solution such as Gatorade in addition to water.
Although you might not have an appetite, it is important that you eat regular meals and snacks. Your body needs protein and calories to maintain its metabolic functions.
Losing weight should not be a goal during your recovery form COVID-19 virus. Weight loss during recovery from the virus will be mainly from water loss and muscle mass. The loss of muscle will make you feel weaker and may affect your ability to perform activities of daily living.
Try to consume high protein, high calorie meals and snacks as you recover from COVID-19 virus.
If your taste or smell gets affected by the Covid-19 virus, try consuming cold or room temperature foods instead of hot foods.
If the foods you eat taste metallic, try using plastic or bamboo utensils.
If consuming regular meals and snacks is difficult for you at this time, consider a meal replacement such as Boost, Ensure, or any other meal replacements of your choice.