Did You Know?

Kefir is a fermented milk drink that is similar to a “drinkable yogurt” with a similar taste, but with a much higher probiotic content!

Kefir contains 10 to 20 different probiotic strains whereas most types of yogurt contains a very small amount of probiotics.

Kefir Health Benefits:

*Helps boost immunity

*Has potent antibacterial properties and may protect against infections

*Can improve bone health and lower the risk of Osteoporosis

*May be protective against Cancer

*May help with various Digestive Problems

*It’s well tolerated by individuals with Lactose Intolerance

*May improve Allergy and Asthma symptoms

Kefir can be made from cow's, goat's or sheep's milk.

Similar to yogurt,  kefir can be made from full fat, partly skimmed or non-fat milk.

Kefir comes in natural or added fruit flavors.

Keep in mind that fruit flavored kefir is higher in calories and added sugars.

NOTE: If you have a diagnosed digestive condition, please speak with a registered dietitian prior to introducing fermented foods into your diet, as it may make your symptoms worse.