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  • At Nutrition by Tatiana, we know nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever your age or stage of disease, we can create your own nutrition plan that suits your needs. We work with you side by side so that you can successfully achieve your ideal nutrition and wellness goals. Our approach addresses an individual’s diet, sleeping patterns, physical activity, stress management, and nutritional supplements. We take the time to learn about your personal goals and gather facts about your physical condition. We help develop and implement strategies designed to turn those goals into realities, and always offer support and guidance throughout your entire journey. Your success is our success.

    Please note that at Nutrition by Tatiana we are currently offering Virtual Nutrition Assessment and Counselling appointments. All appointments will be offered virtually, through telephone, FaceTime, or Zoom video meetings, with consultation times available during evenings and weekends.


  • Food Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivity, Specialized dietary needs

    Our Registered Dietitian provides services for those newly diagnosed with food allergies and living with food allergies in need of further support.

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  • Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, and Dyslipidemia

    Our Registered Dietitian can help you lower your cholesterol and triglycerides levels, manage your blood pressure, lose or maintain a healthy weight, and eat more healthfully. 

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  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD), Diverticulosis, Diverticulitis, Gallbladder disorders, Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Constipation, Gastroparesis.

    Our Registered Dietitian can help you manage your symptoms for your digestive disease through diet and lifestyle choices. 

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  • Recovering from Eating Disorders, Anxiety/Depression

    Our Registered Dietitian can provide you with tools to reduce nutrition-related side effects of psychiatric medication, better self-management of concurrent and comorbid conditions, and improved function overall. 

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  • Iron, Vitamin B12, Folate deficiency; other deficiencies; Vegan/Vegetarian Diet

    Our Registered Dietitian can provide you with the up to date efficacy and safety of nutrient supplementation and provide you with dietary recommendations to ensure you consume foods with enough protein, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, and B12. 

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  • Arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis and Osteoporosis

    When you have arthritis, eating healthy can help. Our Registered Dietitian can help you with nutrition and supplements tips to manage your disease and improve your health.

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  • Maternal Nutrition, Dietary Restrictions or Concerns

    Our Registered Dietitian can help you plan a diet that is right for you and your baby. You will learn food safety during pregnancy as well as prenatal nutrition supplementation that is right for you.

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  • Obesity, Failure to thrive, Picky Eaters, Introduction to solids, Bowel Management, Chronic Disease Management

    Our Registered Dietitian can provide you with individualized nutrition assessments and evaluations and in depth family education related to nutritional needs and strategies, feeding techniques and community resources. 

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  • Our Registered Dietitian can help you manage your diabetes and work with you to adjust your food plan, activity, and develop a positive and realistic attitude towards your diabetes.

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  • Nutrition by Tatiana provides a range of holistic, practical and affordable options to suit your budget and busy schedule.  In addition to the services listed, Nutrition by Tatiana provides additional services such as personalized diets and meal plans, grocery store tours, label reading and restaurant menu selections, nutrition seminars and workshops as well as contract menu reviews for day cares, long-term care homes, and corporate cafeterias. 

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  • Testimonials

  • I have known Tatiana for many years now both on personal and professional levels. She is a very knowledgeable dietitian and goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her clients. She is a pleasure to work with and she understands the needs of her clients whether the need is for acute, chronic or overall well being (including diabetic teaching, weight loss and the importance of healthy eating).

    Marlene Fortushnick

  • I have reached out to Tatiana for her services as I was challenged nutritionally and struggled with regaining weight as a cancer survivor. Those affected know that beating the illness is one thing but living life with the aftermath of treatments is another. I had lost a tremendous amount of weight because of swallowing difficulties. For years I struggled to find a way to bring myself to a healthy weight but nothing I tried worked. Tatiana assessed my situation from my BMI to what I needed nutritionally and how to add more calories. She has helped me develop shakes that I can intake easily and prior to starting the shakes I averaged 128 Lbs to now stabilised at 140 Lbs and hopefully will gain a few more.

    Ray Chan

  • I met Tatiana when I wanted to change my lifestyle and diet to improve my overall health. Tatiana was very helpful in making suggestions for alternative foods that would satisfy my cravings and help me feel full. Tatiana reviewed a sample diet that I would normally eat and with minor changes, I had a much healthier plan to go forward with.
    Tatiana provided very helpful suggestions to include more activity in my life, without the need for an expensive gym membership or equipment.
    Tatiana is a positive mentor, celebrating successes and providing much need encouragement when the going gets tough. She is very knowledgeable regarding nutrition and how it affects all aspects of your health. She is a wealth of information regarding fad dieting and activities, explaining why they work in the short term but aren’t sustainable or very healthy in the long term.

    Dianne Skikavich